AquaBlood: Who We Are 



AquaBlood is a God based business, founded by Brian Jackson in 2012. With a heart for the families and youth in the community, Brian was seeking God for a way to help others to go beyond mediocrity.


He was given the name AquaBlood during his time of training and certification as a PADI diver. He is an avid hunter and fisherman with the skills and knowledge to train and equip others.  



He has dedicated his time, talent, and resources to helping others through AquaBlood.





Our Purpose

To win souls and transform lives through the love of Jesus Christ



Our Mission

Discovering what's inside through outdoor exploration


Our Vision

To help others realize their purpose and potential by equipping them with natural skills and spiritual training



 Help Us Help Others


By partnering with us, sowing a love offering, and spreading the word to people in your community are just a few ways you can help us to help others.


As we all know, it takes money to be able to spread the message of Jesus Christ. We would like to offer our services at little to no cost but in order to do that, we need someone like you to connect with us and give of your resources, whether one time or continuously.  


We appreciate your time and consideration. We trust that God will give you wisdom on how to help us and that He will open doors of opportunity for you to be able to sow into our vision.


Visit the Reach Out page for more information. Grace and Peace be multiplied to you in Jesus Name!